As the property owner you play an important role in how quickly your property will be sold. When you have decided to sell your property, we understand that you want to see results in a short amount of time. Ibérica-Estates would like to give you some valuable advice in order to make your property as attractive as possible for selling. With our advice, you can expect positive results; your property will be sold sooner at a better price.

first impression

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

From our experience, we know that potential buyers make their first opinion very quickly and that this opinion sticks with them while they view the rest of your property. Ask yourself the following questions, which are important in making your property attractive to a potential buyer: Is your garden neat and clean? Are the plants recently knotted? Is the drive swept and are the windows and blinds cleaned?


A neat view

The fewer things on your drive the better. Don’t let machinery be in the way. Wrap up the garden hose and put it out of sight. Don’t park the car on the drive but instead down the street for when you have guests viewing your property.


A fresh impression and a nice scent when entering the property

Aerate the different rooms in your house before your visitor show up. Put some fresh flowers in the hall. Make sure the coat hanger is not over packed. Make sure the night before you do not prepare spicy food that smell too much.


Create a spacious living area

Make sure there are as few personal items in direct sight as possible. Potential buyers are interested in the property, not in your personal life. Stow photos, small paintings, newspapers and magazines away. Put unnecessary furniture and other items aside and make sure storage rooms are cleaned up, as potential buyers are interested in a property with not only nice accommodations, but also enough room for storage.


Make sure small reparations are done

A stuck door, a broken light. These are small details that are easily repaired and will leave a big impression if they show up when potential buyers come to view your property. Check your home before receiving visitors and make sure these things are fixed. Potential buyers prefer to view a property already taken care of, rather a property that needs a “little work” done.


Brighten up your home!

Let the sun do its work. Open sunblinds and curtains so the potential buyers can see form themselves how bright and stimulating the interior of your home is.

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