citroenboom spanjeThe Costa Blanca is the area between the city of Valencia in the North and the city of Cartagena towards the south. The province is located on the Mediterranean coast. The capital is the city of Alicante. From the international airport of Alicante you can reach almost all locations within the province within a one-hour drive. The province of Alicante has about 1,5 million habitants living in an area of 5.000 square kilometres.

The southern part of the Costa Blanca is a popular holiday destination because of its lovely nature and fantastic Mediterranean climate. Costa Blanca literally means White Coast, which refers to the widely spread cotton fields that covered the coast in ancient times. Nowadays the cotton fields haven been substituted for professional salt extraction. Because of the different salt lakes in the province the air is salty and contains a quite high amount of iodine. Torrevieja and the surrounding area is the ideal place for people with rheumatism or asthma to live. Many people benefit from the climatic conditions in this area.

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Costa Blanca’s beautiful beaches are the number one reason for travelling to the area. Every year millions of holidaymakers come to the Costa Blanca which stretches for over 200 kilometres. With an average of 3.000 hours of sunshine every year, beautiful weather is almost guaranteed all year around. The privileged climate of the Costa Blanca is just a few flight hours away from many destinations across Europe.

The coast, the inland valleys and the impressive mountains, mark the idyllic scenery of the Costa Blanca’s. Alicante is one of the most mountainous parts of Spain. The Valencia region has the greatest variety in climate and biggest diversity in flora in the whole Iberian Peninsula, a fact that few people are aware of.

Parque Naturales

The Spaniards are very proud of their many parque naturales situated throughout the province. Visitors to the region can enjoy the purity and beauty of these parks, some of which are on the Unesco list of protected areas. In the summer the parks are visited most often towards the end of the day. In presence of the delicious fragrant of pine and carob trees, people often bring drinks and a picnic. In the mild winter months the parks are the perfect place for all kinds of sports activities. The parks are the perfect place to enjoy a vacation with your loved ones, whether you are traveling with your family or as a couple.

parque naturales

In contrast to the northern part, the southern Costa Blanca is less mountainous and is easy to navigate without always having to depend on a car. This is an advantage when traveling with small children. When you are looking for a property that you may want to rent out in the future, this is an important point to take into consideration when deciding the location of your property.

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